British Great Coat 1939 Pattern

New item/Made in Czechoslovakia

We are providing you the highest quality replica of the Great Coat 1939 Pattern. This replica has been produced from natural wool fabric. In detail the fabric used for the production is natural wool melton (molton). The provided Great Coat 1939 Pattern is manufactured in Slovakia under close supervision of the owner this E-shop and in our region, it is very hard to find the better replica such this product.

*) SIZE 13 and SIZE 14 were marked by this symbol because of they never were introduced as "official" sizes during WW2 for the Great Coat 1939 Pattern. As present reenactors have different physical dispositions and we would like to give opportunity for each reenactor to buy this exclusive product of our company to introduce the above-mentioned sizes was logical necessity.

Greatcoats are not provided in custom's (tailor's ) made sizes just in regular sizes.

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