Payment Methods

In our E-shop we are providing three methods of payment. All payment methods are free of charge.  

1st one is the payment method what is well known for many customers all on the Globe. So we have introduced on our websites to carry out the payment via our Paypal account: During your ordering process the payment via Paypal is ready for you as one of three methods how to pay for your order. The system of our E-shop will automatically transfer you to make a payment via your Paypal account. It is really simply solution. 

2nd option is wire payment from yours to our bank account. From the EU countries it is recommended to use SEPA payment option. To carry out the payment your need to use following data and information:

IBAN: SK61 0900 0000 0051 7392 6525


Address of Beneficiary:

Kateřina Moravcová - ETO UNIFORMS

Kukučínova 2098/1A

914 41 Nemšová-Ľuborča 

Slovak republic 

Bank of Beneficiary:

Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s.

Tomášikova 48

832 37 Bratislava 

Slovak republic

When you are not from European Union (EU) country and not using SEPA payment option that is provided by your bank please take into account that in the time of the payment you should use on your side the payment condition labeled by code "OUR". You should understand that we cannot bear the payment for a bank wire transfer and this should be beard by a buyer (customer) as we should receive to our company account the same amount of sum as it was laid down on the commercial invoice issued for you by our company.

3rd payment method is via GP Webpay payment gateway (MasterCard, Visa, GooglePay or Masterpass). When you have picked up this payment method just follow the service module of GP Webpay.

If you would like to ask us about more information in this matter or you need to have more detailed clarification  regarding payment methods do not hesitate to contact us via following form or you can send us your e-mail message to our company e-mail address