Trousers uk

General remark

Regarding designs of our battledress blouses and trousers these ones were moved from Panther-Store in the same and unchanged stage as they were used till summer of 2019 by Panther-Store. Anyways when we were comparing them with the genuine, original WWII blouses and trousers of two main patterns of British Battledresses and the late modification of Serge pattern specification, we found in designs several differences. Also, some of our customers and friend assisted and helped us in this matter and shared with us their standpoints and opinions. The small differences were found in field of a location of back trousers´ pocket and the way of its stitching, in terms of dimensions and locations of bandage pockets and main pockets at both legs of trousers, in respect to dimensions of openings which were situated at side trousers´ pockets, etc. On blouses we were found the most of differences in the fashion of front pockets and their locations, different types of textile tags, several variations of textile belt buckles, etc. As we cannot apply all types of differences from each battledress blouse and trousers what we have in our personal collection or these were presented from the personal collections of our customers or friends, we have picked up "the golden mean" and we have implemented all comments and recommendations which were evaluated by us as legitimate and these were usually seen at British Battledress blouses and trousers used in WWII. At the end we need to say that among manufacturers from the territory of United Kingdom during WWII there were registered several less or more differences and these should be considered by all of us.