We would like to be more than E-shop

Since my earliest age when I visited elementary school I was keen on history of WW2. Why it was so could be found in roots of may family which several relatives were involved as resistance fighters against Nazism on sides of Allies. I was fascinated by a diversity of uniforms, gear a equipment of all military forces involved at the largest military conflict of last century. After years I began to think about the idea to revive history of WW2 especially subject to Czechoslovak military history. After around two years´ preparations I managed in hand to hand with few good friends, the first reenactment event focused at WW2 at the territory of Slovak republic, ever. This was organized at the Eastern part of the country in September 2001, near by small village of Nižný Komárnik. 

From year of 2000, that may be easily taken as the "birthday" of WW2 reenactment in Slovakia, to year of 2013 no business company and enterprise was able to open and run any complex services focused at Czechoslovak military forces in USSR, let´s say under one common "umbrella" or better say "roof". So I took the decision to open family enterprise and to fill this gap for our customers. This was and so far still it has been very interesting and unique project and I believe that many our serious customers who have been interested of Czechoslovak military history have already appreciated my intention. Since 2014 we have also introduced for our kind Polish customers another section that has been focused at Polish Military Forces in USSR. For all our customers we would like to provide just the highest quality replicas of military uniforms, gear and equipment (if there are not directly provided original items), for reasonable and negotiable prices and taking into consideration the number of ordered items also suitable terms of deliveries.

If I am looking at opportunities which we have today and  I am trying to compare them with those ones which we have had 15 or 20 years ago I need to say that the progress from the WW2 reenactment point of view is incredible. Nowadays in WW2 reenactment is involved huge number of people across all nations and anyone can be a reenactor within a few days even in hours. And for this you need just to have an access to Internet and enough money in your bank account. Also you can find all necessary stuff in hundreds of stone shops or in thousands of E-shops, where you can find, pick up and buy uniforms, military gear, equipment, etc. Yes this is one advantage of  globalization. However my begging was not so easy. I remember back, that we produced our uniforms at home. For example one of my good fried who had sewing machine has made uniforms at home and he reworked Swedish or Swiss uniforms to have WW2 German uniforms. Red Army uniforms were produced from regular cotton twill fabrics and Czechoslovak uniforms were sewed from past WW2 wool blankets. Yes, this time is really behind us and this is a reason why this project including this E-shop was founded by me. At the same time I would like to leave something nice and valued behind me and I am making a statement and my intention is not only focused at business but also at edification and advertising of Czechoslovak and Polish Military Forces in USSR.

Through our company we are primary providing for you several types of uniforms as they were produced in 1943 - 1945 at the territory of USSR from US origin wool and cotton fabrics and these were used by soldiers of any ranks which were serving in Czechoslovak and Polish Military Forces in USSR. All templates (cuts) were made in accordance with original uniforms which are in our collection. The replicas of uniforms are made just from the fabrics of the highest quality with origins in USA, Germany, Czechia and Ukraine. The gear and equipment is provided by our international or local partners and some of them are produced directly by us. At all events we would like to avoid any "cheap" suppliers e.g. China, Bangladesh, etc. 

In the light of sad moment what has happened with a great person David M. from Panther-Store, Brno, Czechia who was a good fiend of mine I have decided in fall time of 2019 to introduce the production of British Battledress. Our E-shop would like to continue in David M. work and to keep the heritage of Panther-Store in life for many forthcoming years. I have arranged that all his background documentation and cuts were transferred to my hands, including all great materials used for a production of ultimate Panther-Store British Battledress. Fort the future I have all necessary data about the suppliers of materials used for the production of above-mentioned Battledress.         

At the very begging in summer of 2013 when I opened this E-shop  I was very curious how all thing around it will go, especially whether the customers will be interested to have our products. Today I can say that from dozens of first customers the community  spread wide more than 400 registered customers. Today we have many returning customers from any parts of the Globe, as Australia, USA, former USSR countries, Benelux countries, UK, but naturally the most of them are from Poland, Czechia and Slovakia. The expansion of our E-shop in 2014 to provide the new category focused at Polish Military Forces in USSR was also a good idea and today we have many Polish customers who are returning back to our E-shop. 

In fall 2019 our company has been standing in front of the situation when I needed to make a choice about its next direction. This was a reason why I have decided to move forwards and to improve our services for our valued customers. This was the reason why we have introduced new products and in hand to hand with this activity we have also improved our website which has completely new look. 

At the end I would like to sincerely thank you for your support and I believe that in our E-shop you will find anything what you are looking for.