Canadian Battledress Blouse, Serge

New Item/Made in Czechoslovakia

Please choose the size of your uniform in accordance with two tables laid down in section "Sizes & Form" of this website, which were issued for Canadian Battledress Blouse and Trousers. Blouse and Trousers are manufactured in 18 WW2 Era Regular Sizes (1-18), in 12 WW2 Era Oversizes (19-30) and in 3 Extra Oversizes (31-33) defined by WPG Central Europe. Blouse is equipped with exact replica of Canadian Donut Buttons and Canadian Metal Slider Roller Buckle. The collar is manufactured in accordance with Canadian modification of CR 1943 so there are used pair of two donut buttons and textile clasp what is often seen at ETO. If you are not sure with your measures, please be free to contact us via our e-mail address. We will respond at your inquiry as soon as possible. 

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