British General Service Cap (GS Cap)

Panther-Store Heritage/Made in Czechoslovakia

We are offering you the exact copy of British General Service (GS) Cap. The item is sold under the label Panther-Store heritage product as we used for the production same designs and materials as were used to produce an ultimate Panther-Store GS Cap. GS Caps are offered in six sizes.

To follow the historical background on the lining of the British GS cap you can find the size in British Inches:

56 cm = 6 7/8 in; 57 cm = 7 in; 58 cm = 7 1/8 in; 59 cm = 7 1/4 in; 60 cm = 7 3/8 in a 61 cm = 7 1/2.

The decisive measures are in centimeters (cm).

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