British Collar Shirt

New improved run/Made in Czechoslovakia

Pullover Collar Shirt is made of fine natural wool fabric in olive green color or in khaki color in gray-green shade. The basic fabric has a tabby (duck) weave. Before manufacturing the shirt as samples we used the genuine WWII British Collarless Shirts from our collection.

This shirt is provided in sizes from 38 to 56 and the heigth of the person is determined by three sizes namely  S (Small), M (Medium) and L (Large). The measures for every size of a shirt can be found in section Sizes & Form of this website.

Shirts are not provided in custom's (tailor's ) made sizes just in regular sizes.

Person´s heigth: S = 160 - 170 cm, M = 170 - 180 cm and L = 180 cm and more.

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70.00 €