Additional fee for the opened collar

2 Collar Variants

In accordance with regulations issued for Czechoslovak Military Forces in USSR the blouses used by aspirants for officer´s ranks, warrant officers, officers and women should be equipped with opened collar as they worn shirts and ties. Considering these regulations, we have providing you to adapt at your regular three patterns of Battledress Blouses one from two variants of opened collars.

Both provided variants of opened collars are pre modeled and if you wish to have the other model of your collar all depend at the agreement between you and WPG Central Europe.

Choose a variant:

20.00 €


We discussed with some customers about the tone of color the used plastic buttons pattern C.A. 5377 and from this reason we have decided to issue following instructions. As the color of plastic (composite/vegetable ivory) buttons pattern C.A. 5377 was defined by the specification as a drab color the tone of color was not specified in details for instance as olive drab, brown drab, field drab, etc. We can understand that situation is creating a hard time to specify the exact tone of color. The plastic buttons pattern C.A. 5377 were manufactured by British private companies, e.g. Lacrinoid Products Ltd. London (before known as London Buttons Co.), Dormer Plastics Ltd., etc. Nowadays we can find on the market the evidences that even these companies were not on the same page with the tone of drab color what is fully understandable because non specified drab color could have very wide color spectrum from light brown color via khaki color to olive green color. From this reason we are not trying to find any logical order in tones of drab color but trying to go out those ones which were common in WWII. So far we have seen so many original WWII plastic buttons pattern C.A. 5377 even pattern C.A. 2253 (revolving shank buttons) in several tones of drab colors that we cannot accept the opinion that these buttons should have just dark brown or just brown, khaki, olive drab or whatever brownish or greenish color. As we would like to follow in our business the clear historical background as much as we can, and we cannot be focused just at one tone of olive green or brown drab color, etc. from the above-mentioned WWII era British plastic buttons point of view.